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    By Laws




    To provide the parents/step parents/legal guardians of undergraduate members

    the opportunity for ongoing support of their son’s Fraternity experience and to

    collaborate with other parents who have similar interests.


    Possible Strategies for Involving Parents:


    Host a Father’s Day/Weekend or Parents Weekend in the fall, possibly including a football game, etc.


    • Host a Mother’s Day or Parents Weekend in the spring, possibly including a

    dinner, trip to the scenic winery or campus event such as a play, concert or special

    speaker (Mothers appreciate seeing their sons dressed up!).


    • Invite parents to be involved in programming for the chapter, on topics related

    to career development or financial management, for example. Use the available

    talents of parents as a focus for activities in this regard.


    • Ask parents to host a cook-out or other social events for recruitment or for



    • Invite parents to help with chapter house work days or some special projects.

    Some parents’ clubs have held fund raising events (auctions, casino nights, etc.)

    and later sponsored certain chapter house improvements in the name of that year’s



    • Ask mothers to meet to assemble “care packages” for actives during final exams.

    Or, order pizza and hot box cookies for a night when meals are not provided.


    • Develop an email distribution list to keep parents informed of happenings in the

    chapter. This can be accomplished by including parents in all general alumni

    communications and maintaining a separate list for specific parents’ events.


    • Have a fundraiser and sell parents club spirit wear. We have the logo.


    • Have an event like a picnic or pig roast where chapter alumni can meet and greet